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  • Advantages to owners working with Rexpro Realty, LLC

    Enable you to invest without geographic barriers

    When it comes to operations, real estate will always need a local presence. But with Rexpo Realty as your property manager, you don't have to be an expert on home ownership or the area where your investment is located. 

    Know landlord-tenant laws and regulations

    Keeping abreast of landlord-tenant laws can feel like an overwhelming task for property owners, especially if you own rental homes in multiple locations. Not only will Rexpro Realty have strong expertise of current laws, regulations and ordinances, we also know how to correctly address them. This will help avoid issues from the get go, and having to deal with them down the road. 

    Respond to maintenance requests

    For many landlords, maintenance requests are often the biggest pain point. Rexpro Realty will eliminate this hassle by proactively handling tenants' requests or complaints, including after-hours emergencies, solving maintenance issues, and preventing any code violations. 

    Control maintenance costs

    Staying on top of regular maintenance helps control costs and prevents bigger problems from flaring up down the road. Rexpro Realty will conduct periodic property inspections in order to (1) fix anything in need of repairs, and (2) ensure the tenants are complying with the lease. 

    Market your property and fill vacancies

    From every day your property sits empty, it costs you. Rexpro Realty will reduce or eliminate this potential loss by proactively attempting to renew a current lease, or marketing the home for lease soon after the current tenant gives notice. A well maintained property with a market-appropriate rent rate can quickly attract reliable tenants. 

    Screen tenants and collect security deposits

    A thorough screening process can reduce your risk of financial loss. This is why Rexpro Realty performs a range of background checks, including credit, employment, rental history, criminal, and pet information. We also make sure everything is conducted in compliance with fair housing and discrimination laws. 

    When an applicant is recommended for approval, and you as the owner have been consulted on the approval as desired, Rexpro Realty will collect the security deposit and hold it in escrow so that, in accordance with the rules, those funds are never co-mingled. 

    Reduce the cost of management 

    New rental property investors often wonder if they'd save more money by managing a local property themselves. The question is whether you have the time, and what your time is worth. Proper management requires continual attention and around-the-clock availability. By working with Rexpro Realty, you will reduce the overall cost and headaches of self management of your properties. 

    Collect rent and handle delinquencies 

    Rexpro Realty is responsible for collecting rent and making sure the check clears. Rexpro Realty uses the latest in property management software to help you receive payments faster by allowing tenants to pay online, and then transferring the funds electronically to your account. 

    We take care of all landlord-tenant interactions, and communicate expectations up front through clearly outlined rent policies. Rexpro Realty will also handle collections and evictions if such measures become necessary. 

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  • Hi, i just wanted to take the time to say Thank-You. Property Management has been a big load off my back and they have been really great, proactive and on top of things. Thank you!

    Frank S. - Austin, TX

  • Hi, just wanted to let you know that your team is doing a great job - very much appreciated! Thats it. Best regards,

    Dorothy C. Round Rock, TX